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West Hartford Personal Injury Attorneys

A Modern, Client-Focused Approach

After a traumatic event or serious injury, you need an attorney on your side with the experience, resources, and drive to fight for your best interest. You also need a cutting-edge firm that understands how to handle modern cases in today’s technology-driven world.

At Goff Law Group, you will find everything you need in a personal injury attorney. Our aggressive yet compassionate legal team delivers results for clients throughout Connecticut who need representation for a wide range of situations, from car accidents to child sex abuse cases. Trust our firm to explore every aspect of your case with modern practices that have led to our 99% success rate. You don’t have to settle for a jack of all trades who is a master of none – at Goff Law Group, we exclusively practice personal injury and put our extensive experience to work for you. We are proud to represent the next generation of personal injury law firms.

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Case Results

Over the years, the West Hartford personal injury attorneys at Goff Law Group have collectively represented thousands of injured victims throughout Connecticut. Our firm has also successfully resolved over 99% of the cases we have taken on. With the drive and determination to win, we can help you fight for a favorable resolution to your case. Read some of our past case results for a taste of how we have helped others in situations like yours.

  • $900,000 Commercial Vehicle Accident

    Woman injured her leg as a result of being struck by a commercial vehicle.

  • $750,000 Workplace Injury

    Man sustained injury to his foot at work and required surgery.

  • $430,000 Head Injury

    Client was in a bar fight resulting in a head injury.

  • $290,000 Workplace Injury

    Workers’ compensation case involving a back injury.

  • $285,000 Premises Liability

    Man slipped and fell on ice and snow and broke his ankle.

  • $250,000 Premises Liability

    Woman slipped and fell on ice and broke her ankle.

  • $180,000 Workplace Injury

    Workers’ compensation case involving a knee injury.

  • $155,000 Workplace Injury

    Workers compensation case involving a knee injury.

  • $135,000 Premises Liability

    Client slipped and fell on water in a grocery store resulting in an ankle injury.

  • $110,000 Premises Liability

    Client experienced soft tissue injuries as a result of falling down the stairs at her apartment complex.

  • $105,000 Car Accident

    Client was rear-ended in a motor vehicle collision resulting in neck injuries.

  • $100,000 Car Accident

    Policy exhaustion for 3 occupants of a vehicle struck by a drunk driver.

  • $80,000 Workplace Injury

    Workers’ compensation case involving a shoulder injury.

Our Clients Come First

Choose the Team with Your Best Interests in Mind

At Goff Law Group, we understand that there’s more to a case than what is in the file. We also know that recovering from an injury encompasses more than healing the body – the worry and stress of pending litigation or inability to pay medical bills can complicate your recovery. Your health and emotional state matter to us because we think of you, our client, as family – and our interactions reflect that. We communicate directly with those we work with and offer honest evaluations of every case.

Our West Hartford personal injury attorneys know the court system in Connecticut and have had great success in taking cases to trial. Though our goal is to make the process and simple as possible and avoid court when we can, we do whatever it takes to help you secure fair compensation. While money cannot make up for the loss you suffer, it can provide you with the stability you need during these stressful times. Perhaps more importantly, your lawsuit also means you are protecting other people from a similar fate.

Meet the Next Generation of Lawyers

  • <em>Brooke A. Goff
    Brooke A. Goff
  • <em>Norma R. Mandulak
    Norma R. Mandulak
  • <em>John Kanca
    John Kanca
  • Brooke A. Goff
    <em>Brooke A. Goff

    Founding attorney Brooke A. Goff is dedicated to improving her clients’ lives. She understands the pain and struggle that injured victims are faced with and strives to help them find peace through a favorable resolution to every case. Attorney Goff has extensive experience handling cases that involve car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, workplace accidents, and sexual abuse. She has become a prominent lawyer in Connecticut and has notably pursued sexual abuse cases against the Boy Scouts of America. Attorney Goff is proudly accessible to her clients 24/7 and devotes countless hours to each case she takes on. Read More

  • Norma R. Mandulak
    <em>Norma R. Mandulak

    With extensive experience handling workers’ compensation claims, Attorney Norma R. Mandulak represents injured workers who are seeking workers’ compensation benefits. She began her career in corporate law, where she developed strong communication and negotiation skills that she now applies to workers’ compensation cases. Born and raised in Connecticut, Attorney Mandulak attended Southern Connecticut State University as an undergraduate and Quinnipiac University, where she obtained her Juris Doctorate. Attorney Mandulak is passionate about helping injured workers overcome their struggles and obtain the compensation they deserve. Read More

  • John Kanca
    <em>John Kanca

    A trial attorney at Goff Law Group, John Kanca represents clients in cases involving car, truck, and motorcycle accidents; slip and fall accidents; dog bites; and workplace accidents. Before joining Goff Law Group, Attorney Kanca worked for many different insurance companies and as a trial attorney. He has extensive experience defending insurance companies, so he understands how the opposition in your case thinks, acts, and operates. Attorney Kanca is a member of the Connecticut Bar. He attended Boston College as an undergraduate before earning his J.D. from the University of Connecticut. Read More


  • “Brooke represents me for my personal injury case. She has been very thorough and aggressive in negotiating to get me what my injuries and loss of quality of life are worth. Unlike a lot of other attorneys might have, she did not recommend I settle...”


  • “Attorney Goff was very aggressive in getting me a great outcome on my case. She is an excellent negotiator and was always willing to explain things to me and answer my questions. I would highly recommend her!”


  • “We are still in the middle of the court process but Brooke has been very informative and provided great legal advice along the way. I am confident that Brooke will settle or win the case in our favor.”


  • “I consulted with Brooke and found her to be genuine, informative, knowledgeable and a person who would advocate for me. Her demeanor and compassion made it very evident that should I ever need further assistance, she is truly the one I would hire.”


  • “I just want everyone to know that I had Brooke represent me after a big box firm treated me like just another paycheck, like I was nothing. I’m glad I made the swap. My case by no means was big or life changing but she made me feel like a person, rather th”


  • “I really appreciate what Brooke has done for me in my case. She is fast she works hard and I will recommend her to anyone I know!!! in the future I will use her again she is great.”


  • “Brooke handled other cases for me and were flawless. I highly recommend her for any accident or workers comp case. She works hard at resolution some and always responds to emails and phone calls. Excellent attorney. Thank you, Brooke.”


  • “In 2014, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident during the course of my employment. From the start, I knew this was going to be a complex case because I needed an attorney that was knowledgeable, not only in dealing with personal injury law...”

    JAMES S.

  • “I am not accustomed to feeling (and being) helpless and Attorney Goff was exactly who and what I needed to try to put my life together after a drunk driver hit me. She is gentle and patient with her clients but that was not so much what I wanted as an iron”


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