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Sexual Abuse of Children by Institutions in Connecticut

There are few crimes, if any, more heinous than the sexual abuse of children. When that abuse happens at the hands of people parents and guardians have entrusted to care for their children, the betrayal is devastating to the entire family. The psychological damage of such abuse is often a scar the children will have to bear their whole lives. The theft of innocence is not replaceable, and betrayals of such magnitude transform a person’s entire life.

There’s no way for a financial settlement to ever return what a sexual abuser steals from a child, but it may help your child get emotional help throughout his or her life. It may also be the punishment the institution needs that will prevent a situation like this from ever happening again. At Goff Law Group, LLC, our Stamford child sex abuse lawyers have experience with these cases, and we hold the neglectful institutions that allowed these abusers access to children responsible.

Goff Law Has Experience Fighting Sex Abuse by Institutions

Some of our most trusted organizations have been secret homes for predators. Here are some institutions whose negligence and willful disregard led to wanton sexual abuse of children.

The Boys Scout of America

We saw firsthand how both local and national Boy Scout groups let pedophiles slip through the cracks. We represented the largest group of plaintiffs against the Boy Scouts of America – 19 abused children, two of whom were girls. The abuse was rampant and unrelenting, with children molested many times over by the same perpetrators. By neglecting to do proper background checks on employees, predators like Donald Dennis made their way into what should be a shelter for children.

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church isn’t the only religious organization to battle sexual abuse, but it’s the only one to have engaged in a global cover up that ensured the abuse would continue for years to come. By moving abusive priests from one parish to another in an effort to hide their crimes, more and more children suffered abuse. If, instead of hiding these crimes, the church had exposed them, the scandal that rocked the church would mean fewer victims to these horrific crimes. Though much of our information has come from scandals that happened in the United States, news eventually broke that these abuses were a global crisis, with scandals developing in at least a half a dozen countries, including Ireland and Germany.

Hospitals/Medical Centers

Anywhere children are vulnerable, sexual predators will make their way into, and hospitals are no exception. In fact, in Connecticut, the number of sexual abuses and assaults that happened in hospitals is twice as high as it was last year. Though these abuses aren’t just aimed at children, children do represent the most vulnerable targets. The youngest victim in Connecticut’s hospital abuses was 10 years old.

Find Compassionate Stamford Attorneys to Help with Institutional Sex Abuse

From daycares and churches to outdoor organizations like the Boy Scouts, parents and leaders must be on constant vigil to protect children from sexual abuse. When people in authority over children – kids who believe in the authority and goodness of adults – take advantage of that trust, the law must punish them to its fullest extent and ensure they are never near children again. However, we must also hold institutions whose negligence allowed such people access to children accountable. If your child has suffered sexual abuse, we offer our condolences and our help. Any of our five offices in Connecticut, Stamford, Shelton, New Haven, West Hartford, and Danbury are available for a consultation. We won’t sit by and let these negligence practices continue to hurt our nation’s children. We are uniquely equipped to handle such cases – because we’ve done it before.