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Connecticut Construction Accidents Attorney

There are innumerable ways to experience a serious injury on a construction site, even for cautious, safety-minded workers. In fact, it’s one of the most dangerous professions, according to OSHA statistics. Every project involves multiple teams completing different jobs concurrently. Heavy machinery operates constantly, and workers must do much of the job at high altitudes.  Some jobs involve explosive work and the collapse of buildings.

Construction work is a high-risk field, and common accidents include failures of scaffoldings, electrical shocks, burns from a variety of sources, accidental exposure to chemicals, equipment accidents, and falling construction materials like metal pipes or bricks.

Even with all those safety precautions, mistakes happen, and people get hurt. Injuries to backs, knees, other joints, or limbs could keep you out of work for an extended period, and some injuries may affect you for the duration of your life. Some accidents render a worker incapable of performing that work again; the worst accidents leave a worker unable to work in any field, and some lead to death. In any of these scenario’s, make sure to contact a Connecticut construction accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Safety Should Be Paramount for Construction Work

While construction sites are inherently dangerous, this does not absolve your supervisors from their obligation to protect their employees. That danger also doesn’t rob you of your right for compensation when you suffer an injury on the job. If you or a family member experienced an injury while working on a construction job, the future may seem very uncertain. Workers’ compensation will provide some aid, but medical expenses could rapidly outstrip that aid. If your Connecticut employer or a national employer failed to properly train employees, used unsafe practices, or invested in subpar equipment, the company may be liable for your injury.

Whether you need help finding your way through a workers’ compensation claim or wish to pursue a third-party claim, our Stamford construction accident lawyers at Goff Law Group LLC can help you get all the compensation you are entitled to, including recompense for pain and suffering.

Get the Legal Help You Need to Navigate a Workplace Injury in Stamford

Goff Law Group, LLC represents workers just like you in personal injury litigation. If you file a claim against a sub-contractor or vendor, we have the experience and dedication to do it right. These claims could include motor vehicle accidents that occurred on the job or defective machinery. Our legal team is dedicated to the successful resolution of your case. We consult with outside professionals, interview all witnesses, search police records, examine construction site documentation, accident reports, and medical examinations. We use that information and our extensive knowledge of case law to build a complete picture of the incident.

Our team’s experience and reputation should put you at ease. Our goal is to get you the maximum compensation for your suffering, including medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for the pain the injury caused. Rest assured our Stamford construction accident lawyers will aggressively pursue the results you need to protect your future. Contact Goff Law Group, LLC today for a consultation on your accident. We have offices throughout Connecticut, in Stamford, Shelton, New Haven, West Hartford, and Danbury, but we work for those throughout the state. Much of the time, construction work accidents aren’t the fault of employees.