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If someone close to you dies because of an act of negligence or an intentionally harmful act, you need an experienced wrongful death attorney in Hartford, CT to hold the responsible party accountable. Goff Law Group can help you explore all possible sources of compensation. Nothing can make up for the loss of a loved one but you may be able to secure a more financially stable future and perhaps prevent such a travesty from happening in the future.

Regardless of what type of case you bring to us, we offer open communication, but this is particularly true for those grieving the loss of a loved one. We know that, in these situations, we are all some clients have to support them during this process – and we take that responsibility seriously.

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

In Connecticut, the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate must file this lawsuit. In the event that the decedent never appointed such an individual, or the one he/she appointed is unable to serve, the courts may appoint someone else to oversee the estate and file a wrongful death lawsuit. Whether your loved one was already pursuing a personal injury case or the claim is new, we will investigate all avenues of the law to ensure as fair a settlement as possible.

The same burden of proof the law places on victims exists for the plaintiffs in a personal injury case prior to death. Connecticut law defines a wrongful death claim as one that seeks recompense for damages stemming from death. In a case of negligence, as an example, the accused party must have owed the victim care and have failed in fulfilling that obligation. Additionally, the failure must have been the direct cause of the death. Because the injured person has passed away, someone else must now step in on behalf of the survivors and the estate. Wrongful death liability, according to Connecticut law, can only result in financial penalties owed by the defendant, which distinguishes it from criminal proceedings.

Wrongful Death in Connecticut & the Statue of Limitations

The statute of limitations for wrongful death claims in Connecticut requires the executor or administrator to file suit within two years of the date of death. No filing may happen after five years from that date. Some exceptions exist that allow the filing of the lawsuit after the two-year limit, but these are rare. Consult with a Hartford wrongful death attorney from Goff Law Group if you have questions about statues of limitations or filing dates in Connecticut. We can guide you through this process within the period the law stipulates.

Compensation in Wrongful Death Claims

Losing a loved one is both emotionally and financially taxing. If you lost a loved one due to someone else’s mistake or loved one, you deserve compensation to cover the many tangible and intangible consequences you incur.

Connecticut law states that any damages owed because of an untimely death may be granted in compensation for:

  • Outstanding medical or long-term care expenses
  • Funeral or burial fees
  • Potential income
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Ongoing pain and anguish from the death

Connecticut law allows courts to award double or triple damages in cases where a driver’s deliberate actions in violation of traffic laws constitute the primary factor leading to the accident. If this is applicable to your case, our Connecticut wrongful death lawyers will help you file the claim with the specific plea the law requires, explaining that the driver’s willful or grossly negligent actions led to the death of your loved one.

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You will face several critical steps when filing a wrongful death claim. Make sure you find the right legal team to help you take the necessary steps going forward. Goff Law Group has offices across Connecticut in Stamford, Shelton, New Haven, and Hartford, but we have helped people in every area of the state.

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